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How to find the best deals on Black Friday is not really a secret, you just need to commit! That means you have to know when the stores opens, what deals are available and exactly what you need to buy. This is not a time to analyze whether you are he commitment type – its either “you are in or you are out” or “the early bird gets the worm”… hey, any of these expressions can apply since if the deal is that good there is no way it will last all day. So what’s the plan?

Follow our Black Friday Survival Guide to help you get closer to the best Black Friday Sales. We have over a million people who visit our site every year and even if only a few of you listen that is still a few more people who are going to beat everyone else at the same game!

Where do you start to find the Best Black Friday Sales?

The only starting place should be online. Remember that the newspaper is ALWAYS yesterday’s news and with social media and online advertising budgets soaking up newspapers around the world there is no faster and more efficient way than to go online and look for Black Friday deals. Ironically if you do happen to buy a newspaper the odds are you will just go online and compare prices anyway!

The Very First Question …

Do you know what you want to buy? Most Black Friday purchases are spontaneous and that’s what retailers want you to do however would you walk into a Las Vegas casino with a wad of cash and just wait for signs to tell you how to spend. If you did then you would probably end up blowing it all. Well, walking into a store with a fancy new credit card on Black Friday can feel just the same. Before venturing outside your door (or even booting up the computer) make a list of what you want to buy and target these specific items. There is absolutely no reason to buy things you don’t need just because they are 30% off!

Sign up for Newsletters but NEVER use your Primary Email Address

Some of the best ways to save money on Black Friday is by staying in touch with your favorite retailers through email. Start signing up now for newsletters and search for coupon codes online. However NEVER EVER give your primary email out. Why? Do you really want these people emailing you in March or April? Once they have your email you are a target all year long. Create a unique email address like or something where any of the advertisement email can directly go. You can even forward this email to your primary one then turn it off until its holiday shopping time again!

Watch out for Shipping Charges!

Saving $10 bucks buying online is a great feeling however when you have to add shipping, handling and any other fees sometimes that $10 savings can turn out to be not much after all. There are many retailers who offer free shipping but never assume someone is going to package up your gift and send it for free. Read the fine print and carefully watch your shopping cart total.

Say NO to Store Credit Cards!

Anyone signing up for a store credit card on Black Friday is only asking for trouble. Yes, the very fact that you can save money by getting a store credit card is quite attractive however do you really need another one? We are not the best example of a financially responsible society and with more credit often comes more spending. Don’t do – just don’t. If you need a further explanation then sadly there is not enough time before Black Friday 2019 to explain the 1,001 reasons not to do this.

Look for Coupons!

Many retailers have coupons you can use on TOP of Black Friday sales prices. This may take a little extra effort when shopping in person however if you buy anything online always Google coupon codes for that particular item. For example, if you want a new iPhone then Google “Apple iPhone coupons” and always Google the name of the store plus the words “free shipping coupon” if you are asked to pay for shipping!

Team Up!

We live in a social world that even 10 years ago only few could imagine. Ask your friends, post on Facebook, twitter, tweet, poke … do whatever the cool kids do and have people looking out for deals. There is no way any individual can scan all the ads and watch all the store prices without some help. Go ahead and use technology in exactly the way every retailer always hoped you would!

Understand the Return Policy!

Hopefully you will only spend money on items that you need and be a responsible shopper … but who are we kidding – Some people love returning items more than buying them! However when it comes to Black Friday its critical to understand return policies and keep gift receipts for your holiday gifts. Returning merchandise is a privilege but there are always rules to follow.